We offer state of the art eye examinations for all ages. For young children we have a dedicated pediatric examination room complete with toys and movies and specialized testing equipment for children.
Such as dry eyes, allergies, cataracts, diabetes, eye infections, glaucoma, macular degeneration and ocular injuries. We use advanced technology such as the OCT (you can think of it as an MRI for the eye) to scan the retina for disease. We also use retinal photography and visual field testing to evaluate ocular health.
Noninvasive method of correcting vision without wearing glasses or contacts during the day. Inolves overnight wear of therapeutic lenses while you sleep. It is a noninvasive way having vision corrected without wearing spectacles or contact lenses during the day.
Pasco vision clinic is pleased to announce that we have added the Optos Optomap imaging system to enhance our ocular health evaluations in detecting retinal disease.  The Optomap provides better imaging for peripheral retinal diseases such as retinal detachments, tears, tumors, hemorhages and signs of diabetes in the eye.
Cooing, sitting up and crawling are signs that your baby is growing. Your baby's vision has stages of development too, but usually there are no signs to mark the progress.
Schedule your infant's free vision assessment with one of our doctors today. This service is available to all infants under the age of 12 months.